Don’t you hate it when the scale in the doctor’s office adds 5 or 6 pounds to your weight? I understand the white coat syndrome that makes your blood pressure reading higher at the doctor’s office too, but it can all be discouraging.

I lamented the same to my doctor yesterday, and he only smiled encouragingly. Then he told me that as long as I am seeing progress on my scale, that it’s all good. Warning against fad diets, he told me that slow progress means I am making lifestyle changes that could be lasting rather than doing something drastic for a while, then quitting it and reversing the progress I had made.

When I consider this in the mindset of caregiving, it reminds me to celebrate small successes. I have to look for some small things such as how I may have changed my self-care, how I better managed my care for a loved one, or how I thought about my role and the responsibilities of caregiving. Such small, positive changes have the potential of leading to lasting change. A former pastor and friend used to say most people have a “microwave mentality.” That is, we all want change to happen immediately. And although lasting change is a slow process, it’s worth our time to celebrate the little successes along the way. After all, they will eventually add up to the big changes we want to see. 

🙋Your Turn- What small successes will you celebrate?

Published by Ardella

My mother’s experience through Alzheimer’s was nearly a 5-year journey. During that time, I learned how to be a caregiver along with other family members and friends. During that time I kept a journal which I later turned into the book, Learning to Love Olivia: A Daughter’s Journal of Her Mother’s Journey Through Alzheimer’s. This blog will draw on some of that content along with my experiences with other caregivers and will hopefully offer support and encouragement to those who find themselves walking in the same shoes.

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