Mend the Rifts

An entry I made in the journal I’d kept during my mother’s journey with Alzheimer’s related to an unraveling of relationships in our family. Although I hadn’t recorded the actual issues, the implications were that I was irritated at siblings that I felt could be doing more to help care for our mother. Even thoughContinue reading “Mend the Rifts”

Check Your Power

I get totally frustrated when my computer monitor is completely black – indicating that the computer may not be working. The frustration is multiplied when there is something I need to get done immediately. When this happened recently, I went through all the checks: everything was plugged in, the power was on, and I replacedContinue reading “Check Your Power”

Shift Your Focus

Valentine’s Day usually focuses on relationships between couples, so anyone who is not a part of a couple may feel slighted.  This year, however, let’s shift our focus to the love that exists within families. More specifically, let’s think about and appreciate the love a caregiver shows to someone in the family who may orContinue reading “Shift Your Focus”


Don’t you hate it when the scale in the doctor’s office adds 5 or 6 pounds to your weight? I understand the white coat syndrome that makes your blood pressure reading higher at the doctor’s office too, but it can all be discouraging. I lamented the same to my doctor yesterday, and he only smiledContinue reading “CELEBRATE SMALL SUCCESSES”


“Here your glasses are, Ms. Perry.” Another student would have located the eyeglasses I had left someplace as I walked around the classroom and stopped to see something written on the blackboard. Constantly having to take my glasses off let me know it was time for a change. History says that Benjamin Franklin invented bifocalsContinue reading “PUT ON YOUR BIFOCALS”

Share a Resource

When I first began my role as a caregiver, a dear colleague gave me advice that turned out to be a tremendous help. Marti had been the primary caregiver and guardian of a relative for many years. Her advice was to carry my mother’s medical records with me at all times and to keep themContinue reading “Share a Resource”

Slow Your Roll

When this slang expression was started nearly 20 years ago, it meant that you were moving too fast, and you needed to slow down before you got into trouble. I’d like to use it to mean you need to step back, breathe, and reflect. What better thing to do as we look forward to theContinue reading “Slow Your Roll”

Come Up with a Motto

This morning one of my nieces asked for input on her logo. Businesses use logos to identify their brand or their image. It started me thinking about the need for personal logos, which would be mottos. A motto is defined as a short sentence or phrase that summarizes the beliefs or ideals that guide you,Continue reading “Come Up with a Motto”


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