Pick the Perfect Gift

We have all been challenged by marketers this season to find ‘the perfect gift’ for another person. And what would be the perfect gift for a caregiver?

It would be to say to them, “Thanks for all you do, or for all you have done.” I had such an opportunity last week when an in-law passed. She had been loved and cared for by her family since her birth fifty-seven years ago. She had been diagnosed as being severely developmentally disabled due to cognitive impairment.  Her parents continued their in-home care of her as long as they lived; but for the past 18 years, one sister was the primary caregiver. She was blessed to have siblings who rotated weekend care and provided financial support as needed. Yet, this one sister actually gave her life for another when she moved into the home and took over the day-to-day care of an adult who required the same care you would give a toddler.

Therefore, I felt obligated and even privileged to be able to acknowledge to this caregiver that her sacrifices had not gone unnoticed. Although I don’t know all she had gone through, I knew that she had been faithful and loving in caring for her sister and had included her in all family events. The best gift I could give her was to say to her, “You were such a blessing. You did an amazing job.”

   🙋Your Turn- Who is your perfect gift going to?

Published by Ardella

I am a retired educator and a Christian Education director. My passion is teaching and writing. My book, Learning to Love Olivia, chronicles my journey in caring for my mother during her season with Alzheimer's.

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