Love the Moment

Dec. 9, 2020

It’s right there on the inside of the coffee mug I use almost every day even though it’s chipped– “Love the moment.” This mug is a treasured gift from a close friend I lost to pancreatic cancer ten years ago. In addition to thinking of her often, I read the saying on the cup and try to imagine why she gave me this particular one. I believe I know. She wanted me to slow down, look around, and be at peace in the moment.

That’s a hard thing for a caregiver to do. So much can be happening and changing in our responsibilities that we may feel like a circus juggler without the skills, and we know some things feel like they are crashing to the floor. That’s when loving the moment can come in.

Stop. Find a quiet place to rest, and focus on what is going right at that particular moment. Ask yourself, “What is true right now? What is good right now?” And as you find those answers, take a few more minutes to think about the answers you came up with. Will the problems magically go away? Certainly not. But for a brief time, you loved the moment you were in; you embraced the goodness in your life, and you took a deep breath. Now you can go on.

🙋Your Turn- What are some ways you can “love the moment” in your role as a caregiver or in life in general?

Published by Ardella

My mother’s experience through Alzheimer’s was nearly a 5-year journey. During that time, I learned how to be a caregiver along with other family members and friends. During that time I kept a journal which I later turned into the book, Learning to Love Olivia: A Daughter’s Journal of Her Mother’s Journey Through Alzheimer’s. This blog will draw on some of that content along with my experiences with other caregivers and will hopefully offer support and encouragement to those who find themselves walking in the same shoes.

5 thoughts on “Love the Moment

  1. One thought to share about loving the moment: when you pause, silencing your mind, following your own breath as it goes in and out, and listening to your heart beat, can help bring forth feelings of grace, blessedness, and peace.


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