Who’s Your Cheerleader?

The storm came up suddenly as I sped down the highway, and soon the sky let loose sheets of torrential rain. There was no way to pull over, so I slowed down and put on the hazard lights like most other drivers. I found myself behind semi-trucks that added to the limited visibility because of the large amounts of water coming off their tires. I had no choice but to pass them. But just as I got alongside one of the trucks, the rain increased; and I was in a total white-out.

Photo by Casia Charlie on Pexels.com

Does life ever seem like that to you? My mother would sometimes say, “If it ain’t one thing, it’s another.” But life happens, and it doesn’t pick just one person to dump on. When you are in one of life’s storms, it may seem as if the problems will never end. You may even doubt your ability to make it through.

But during my rainstorm experience, my husband spoke quietly from the passenger seat, “You’re doing fine. Keep your eye on the yellow line.” I listened to his repeated words of encouragement and kept inching forward. At some point, the storm passed, and I breathed a sigh of relief. When you find yourself in a tough place, look around for your cheerleader. They may be closer to you than you think, and they are saying quietly, “You’re doing fine; keep going.”

Published by Ardella

I am a retired educator and a Christian Education director. My passion is teaching and writing. My book, Learning to Love Olivia, chronicles my journey in caring for my mother during her season with Alzheimer's.

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