Don’t you hate it when the scale in the doctor’s office adds 5 or 6 pounds to your weight? I understand the white coat syndrome that makes your blood pressure reading higher at the doctor’s office too, but it can all be discouraging. I lamented the same to my doctor yesterday, and he only smiledContinue reading “CELEBRATE SMALL SUCCESSES”

Take Something Off Your Plate

I used to love smorgasbords until I realized how much they helped me overeat. Of course, I also noticed others who loaded up their plates and couldn’t eat all they had. As the idiom says, perhaps their eyes were bigger than their stomach. In other words, those with wasted food at the smorgasbord thought theyContinue reading “Take Something Off Your Plate”


“Here your glasses are, Ms. Perry.” Another student would have located the eyeglasses I had left someplace as I walked around the classroom and stopped to see something written on the blackboard. Constantly having to take my glasses off let me know it was time for a change. History says that Benjamin Franklin invented bifocalsContinue reading “PUT ON YOUR BIFOCALS”